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Mare Nostrum Operation

25 October 2013 10.25

Mare Nostrum rescue Operation started last October 18, 2013 in Southern Mediterranean with the participation of personnel, naval units and aircraft from the Italian Navy, the Army, Air Force, Carabinieri, Customs Service, Coast Guard, as well as Police officers onboard the Units, and other national agencies, with the aim to control migration flows.

The Italian Navy provides

· 1 LPD Amphibious Ship in charge of Command and Control. The Unit is fitted with first aid equipment, comprising landing craft, and rigid keel boats. The unit can host onboard authorities representing the National Agencies involved in the operation;

· 1-2 Maestrale Class frigates, with an AB-212 helicopter each;

· 1-2 Costellazioni/Comandanti Class Patrol Boats, which can host onboard a Minerva Class AB-212 helicopter, one in charge of surveillance of fishing boats;

· 2 EH-101(MPH) helicopters onboard the Amphibious Ship, deployed on the ground in Lampedusa/Pantelleria/Catania, if necessary;

· 1 P180 aircraft equipped with Forward Looking InfraRed –FLIR, deployed on Lampedusa;

· An Italian Navy Coastal Radar Network Automatic Identification System – AIS of merchant vessels.

· A Coastal Transportation Vessel for logistic support;

In charge of the air-sea operations is Rear Admiral Giuseppe Rando from ITS San Marco.

Onboard the Italian Navy units engaged in the operation are also representatives from the State Security Department -Italian Border Patrol and Immigration Main Office, in charge of improving the control procedures on the migrants rescued.

The units provided by the Italian Navy are: Amphibious Ship San Marco, Frigates Maestrale and Espero, Patrol Boat Cigala Fulgosi, Corvettes Chimera and Urania.


18 OTT 2013 - COC