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ITS Vespucci comes back to Europe via Cadiz, Spain

12 September 2017 11.00

Last September 9, school-ship Amerigo Vespucci ended a four-day stop in Cadiz, first stop-over in Europe after crossing the Atlantic on her way back from the USA.

Before ITS Vespucci reached the Spanish port, Admiral Donato Marzano, commanding officer of the Naval Squad, paid a visit to our school-ship expressing his appreciation for the results achieved so far, including in training.

Last September 5, the Lady of the Seas reached the oldest city in Europe. After the mooring operations, our unit received a visit from Italy's ambassador to Spain, Dr. Stefano Sannino. "You have reached the final leg of your journey, during which you have heralded the Italian values to the world," he said during the general assembly on the  quarterdeck.

During the stop, the Livorno Naval Academy 1st Class cadets had the opportunity to enjoy some cultural activities, such as a visit to the Alcazar royal palace in Seville, and to the Spanish Navy Hydrographic Institute in Cadiz.

This come back to the Andalusian city takes place almost every year, especially on the occasion of the Tall Ship Race, an important event that reunites the "sail giants of the sea" from the world over, where ITS Vespucci also participated last year.

This year, ITS Vespucci has shared the mooring quay with Peru school-ship "Union" and her cadets; this proximity allowed the two crews to know and learn from each other.

After Cadiz, our unit will eventually sail the Strait of Gibraltar to reach the Mediterranean Sea on her way to Toulon, France, next-to-last stop of the 2017 Training Campaign before returning to Livorno, next September 23.