28 September 2018 09.00

On 26 and 27 September, Defence Undersecretary Angelo Tofalo, accompanied by the Chief of the Italian Navy, Admiral Valter Girardelli, visited the Operational Divers and Raiders Group (COMSUBIN) "Teseo Tesei" Varignano Headquarters, the Multirole Support Ship Elettra and the Naval Academy in Livorno.

The first site visit was the Navy special forces headquarters, home to the Operational Divers and Raiders Group, elite units to which, incidentally, the 2019 calendar is dedicated. The Undersecretary - welcomed by the COMSUBIN Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Paolo Pezzutti – had the opportunity to get acquainted with COMSUBIN assets and professionalism, both as special forces and units deployable in support of community requirements.

After leaving the ancient Varignano fortress, Undersecretary Tofalo moved to the La Spezia naval base, where he embarked onboard ITS Elettra. This specialist vessel – as explained by the ship's Commanding Officer, Captain Fabrizio Orengo – is designed for intelligence data collection, analysis and evaluation, and provides tactical and strategic information. 

The following day, the Undersecretary had the opportunity to visit the Livorno Naval Academy, the Italian Navy major training centre which for nearly 140 years has been educating, preparing and training future Navy officers. The Naval Academy Superintendent. Rear Admiral Pierpaolo Ribuffo, welcomed visiting authorities showing them classrooms, laboratories and training areas where cadets follow a specific educational and training programme aimed at acquiring skills required to perform future assignments.

The visit ended in the Naval Academy's Class Flags Room, where Admiral Girardelli, with pride and emotion, showed the Undersecretary the flag of his Class, as he was a young cadet