​​International Workshop on

Maritime and Security Implications of Climate Changes

Naval School "Francesco Morosini" – Venice – 24th Nov 2014, 11AM-5.00PM

The Italian Navy hosted at the Naval School "Francesco Morosini" (S.Elena Island – Venice) an international meeting on climate changes and their deep implications on the security and the maritime environment.

workshop.jpgThe workshop benefited from the presence of several international subject matter experts from the academic, military and the scientific world, along with high representatives from major international organizations (United Nations, NATO, European Union), and addressed the ever-growing interest about the phenomenon of climate changes, widely acknowledged as a serious threat by the international community. Consequences of the global warming, in fact, as the rising sea level, disturbances in precipitation patterns, increase of extreme weather events have shown an impact on regional tensions and global stability. And this impact requires a responsible, sensitive, and adequate response.

The Italian Navy, on the forefront in dealing with environmental challenges, is deeply focused on the analysis of the possible consequences that climate changes can have on the environment, and on the maritime ecosystem in particular.

The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness about the potential security issues that are linked, directly or indirectly, to the climate change, and the capabilities required to properly tackle this threat.

Workshop Programme

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