From the starting port of La Spezia, the FREMM Frigate ITS Carabiniere sails for South East Asia and Australia to conduct a Campaign aimed at providing maritime presence and surveillance, strengthening cooperation activities with some trans-regional allies and establishing relationships with potential new partners, in the framework of the Italian Navy's institutional tasks.

The Campaign will call at various countries: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka. During her stop in Malaysia, the ship will participate in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2017, the most important event dedicated to the defence industry in the Asia-Pacific area.

ITS Carabiniere will also conduct joint training activities with local navies, along with dialogue, cooperation and Maritime Capacity Building, thus providing added value to the Campaign in terms of humanitarian aid and support.

During her voyage – as usually under these circumstances -  ITS Carabiniere will be a valuable showcase for a wide range of Italian areas of excellence, through the organisation of social and cultural events aimed at promoting the image of Italy in cooperation with national diplomatic missions in the visited countries.

This Campaign reflects an international, European and global vision which defines the recently started millennium as the 'blue century'. The 'blue growth' is hence considered as a key factor for sustainable development in our country, whose maritime vocation is indeed a driver of growth in terms of trade, employment and technology.

From this perspective, the project – which involves cooperation with a number of industry partners including Fincantieri, Leonardo, MBDA, Elettronica and Telespazio - will provide a precious opportunity for the Italian industry to gain international visibility, in support of the National economic system.