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ITS Bersagliere, following closely the structural and technical/operative features of the units belonging to the former Lupo Class, is a multipurpose platform capable of fulfilling several assignments specific of units of her class, thus making her particularly effectual to carry out tasks such as patrolling, control, blockade, presence and deterrence, fire support, antiaircraft and antimissile defense. In 1996 this versatility was promptly exploited when ITS Bersagliere and destroyer Luigi Durand de La Penne, circumnavigated the globe in a representation and training mission. Both units weighed anchor on July 12 the same year and returned to Taranto on April 4, 1997 after covering 46,000 miles and calling at 35 ports in 23 countries.

Thanks to these specificities, during her operative life the Unit has been selected as a testing platform for weapon systems under development, such as the new generation 127/54 Light Weight cannon and the SCLAR H multipurpose naval rocket launcher to oppose a missile threat. Over time she has carried out many tasks, mainly external operations in protracted multinational forces missions, as well as several multilateral tests.

The following is a list of the most significant ones:

  • 1996 - Distant Oceans Operation together with Destroyer Durand De La Penne: circumnavigation of the globe covering 46,000 miles in almost 9 months;
  • 2000 - Representation and Patrolling activities in the Persian Gulf and in the Horn of Africa during the Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition;
  • 2003 - Active Endeavour Operation for STANAVFORLANT;
  • 2004 - IONIEX 04 (Italy - Russian Federation bilateral exercise);
  • 2005 - As Flag Ship of SNMCMG2 she hosts the headquarters of the NATO Mines Countermeasure Force in the Mediterranean and Red Seas carrying out an intense training program with the Israeli and Jordanian Navies as part of the Partnership for Peace program promoted by the Atlantic Alliance;
  • 2008 - Active Endeavour Operation as 0Task Group Command;
  • 2009 - IONIEX 04 (Italy - Russian Federation bilateral exercise); AMPHEX 09 (exercise in the Tyrrhenian Sea as Flag Ship;
  • 2010 - AMPHEX 10 exercise in the Tyrrhenian Sea as Flag Ship; Operation Active Endeavour in the Western Mediterranean Sea; NATO anti-piracy Operation Ocean Shield in the Gulf of Aden;
  • 2011 - Operation Unified Protector off the Libyan coasts;
  • From June 15, 2012 to January 17, 2014 the unit undergoes an upgrading programme. The 127 mm gun is upgraded to fire Vulcano guided munitions.