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Frigates Maestrale
Rapido Velocior Euro
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Frigate ITS Euro is based in Taranto and refers to the Naval Division Command 2 (Comdinav 2).

The unit is designed for anti-submarine warfare, but is also capable of carrying out the following missions:

  • Sea Power Projection:
  • Protection and control of merchant shipping;
  • Surveillance to prevent illegal seaborne trafficking;
  • Counter-piracy;
  • Fight against terrorism;
  • Anti-submarine, surface and air defense of convoys and naval forces;
  • Patrolling and interdiction of merchant shipping SLOC;
  • ASuW role;
  • Conduct attacks against costal targets in support of amphibious operations.
  • International Cooperation and Dialogue:
  • Participation in multilateral Operations (NATO, UNO);
  • Naval Diplomacy;
  • NEOs (Non-combatant Evacuation Operations) from areas at risk;
  • Embargo enforcement.
  • Sea Activities:
  • Disaster Relief Operations to support calamity-stricken populations;
  • International humanitarian assistance in cooperation with NGOs;
  • Monitoring of sea environment and contrast to oil pollution;
  • Safeguard of human life at sea. 


    Over the years, this highly flexible ship has played a key role in all major international missions carried out by the Italian Navy:
  • April 13, 1986 – Operation "Girasole" patrolling the Sicily Straits after Libya launched scud missiles to Lampedusa;
  • July/December 1987 – Operation Persian Gulf 1";
  • September 1992 – "Colombo 92" training campaign in Central America;
  • February/March 1993 – UN led Operation "Sharp Guard";
  • 1994/95 –Operation "Sharp Guard" within NATO STANAVFORMED (Standing Naval Force Mediterranean);
  • January/May 1997 – Operation "SFOR" (Stabilization Force) in the Adriatic Sea within NATO STANAVFORMED (Standing Naval Force Mediterranean);
  • February/March 1999 – Training Campaign "Venti del Golfo" in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea with a stop at the Iranian anchoring place of Bandar Abbas;
  • May/October 2002 – Operation "Enduring Freedom" in the Arabian Sea;
  • 2006 - UN led Operation "Enduring Freedom";
  • February/July 2008 – NATO Operation "Active Endeavour" in the Mediterranean Sea;
  • June/July 2010 – Flagship for Operation "Unifil" (United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon);
  • March 2011 – NATO Operation "Active Endeavour";
  • May/August 2011 – NATO Operation "Unified Protector";
  • November 2013/October 2014 – Search & Rescue National Operation "Mare Nostrum."