9c938953d7023254705c51e10249811f.jpgIn an age of increasingly sophisticated naval technology, the world-famous Italian Navy sailing ship Amerigo Vespucci - where the word "seafaring" evokes memories of the great navigators of the past - is still the quintessence of Italy and Italian Navy, in terms of traditions and culture.

Onboard this training ship, generations of Sailors have acquired knowledge and experience to sail the sea under any condition, learning the ancient seamanship techniques and developing the much-needed skills and competencies for today's seafarers, even onboard the most modern ships.
In the year of her 85th anniversary, at the end of a long period of major overhaul and modernization, ITS Vespucci sails again unfurling her sails.

interna_vespucci.jpgDuring the initial phase of her 85th anniversary Campaign, the ship will visit some of the main Italian harbours, where the public will be welcomed onboard to visit the vessel, which will host travelling exhibitions as well as cultural and charity events.

During the second phase, ITS Vespucci will sail for the traditional summer training campaign of the Naval Academy Cadets, this year in the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Europe.