The agreement has finally been signed
The agreement for the relocation of the IIM was signed on December 20th in the presence of the Minister of the Defense, Ms Roberta Pinotti,
The new offices will be in the SELOM building, Calata Gadda, in the Old Harbour.
The Fortress of San Giorgio was already considered inadequate for the IIM production needs in the late 1800’s and many possible locations were identified throughout the years -  the fortress of San Martino in the 1950’s, Vignolo in the 1970’s, Pegli in the 1980’s, the Cotton Warehouses in the Old Harbour in the 90’s and, in the last decades, the Science and Technology Park at the Erzelli and Hennebique’s former silos near the cruise terminal – but no agreement was ever finalized.
A cooperation agreement between Regione Liguria and the Italian Navy was also signed on Saturday the 20th, for the development of projects and partnerships focused on the study and the protection of the marine environment, with a dual-use approach. Among the activities involving the IIM, the study of the impact of tide and climate changes, hydrographic and technological research projects for the Regione Liguria, ARPAL and the University of Genoa, water sampling and surveys. One of the purposes of the cooperation agreement is to help young people to enter the labour market.