1 October 2020 14.00

Exercise Dynamic Mariner 2020 (DYMR20) is annually organized and led by the NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM), with the aim to enhance operational readiness, combat capabilities and interoperability among air and naval assets of participating Allied navies as well as NATO high readiness Forces.

The Italian Navy participates deploying two officers in support of the Staff of the Commander of the French Maritime Reaction Force  (COMFRMARFOR), destroyer LUIGI DURAND DE LA PENNE - provided as national VJTF (Very High Joint Task Force) asset - destroyer ANDREA DORIA, submarine GIULIANO PRINI, and a P72 maritime patrol aircraft.

The exercise - taking place in the Mediterranean, off the coast of France - consists in a Combat Enhancement Training (CET) phase, from 28 September to 4 October, followed by a Tactical (TACEX) phase, from 5 to 9 October 2020. It brings together surface ships, submarines, maritime patrol aircraft and other air assets of Allied navies, NATO VJTF assets, the Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1), the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2), as well as military personnel of NATO Navies (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and United States), who will operate in support of COMFRMARFOR as NATO high readiness force for the year 2021.