Maritime patrol is a primary mission of the Italian Navy. The control of migration flows is carried out by means of our naval units and aircraft, driving forces of all maritime activities and protection of human lives at sea.

The first coasts targeted by illegal immigration were in region Puglia; but by now also Calabria, Sicily (especially the islands of Lampedusa, Pantelleria and Lampione) and even Sardinia have become sadly notorious for the countless shipwrecks with thousands of victims.

All these areas at risk are patrolled by our Navy, together with the State Police, Radar Stations and “Atlantic” long-range maritime patrol aircraft. From the Navy Base in Augusta, corvettes and patrollers take turns to control sea trades, assisting ships and boats of all nationalities.

Their activity often involves rescue operations, either because of the bad health conditions of the refugees who are trying to reach Europe, or the precarious boats they are sailing on.