Yesterday, June 21st, the Istituto Idrografico della Marina in Genoa was open to the public in order to celebrate the UN-sponsored World Hydrography Day . The 14th century fortress of San Giorgio, where the IIM has had its offices since 1872, was visited by almost 400 people throughout the day.
Visitors were led through the various steps behind the construction of a nautical chart, from the processing of the data collected at sea to the actual printing.  Visitors were also shown the ECDIS and Electronic Navigational Charts, and had the opportunity to admire some rare instruments which were used in the past. 
In particular, visitors were allowed to get into the room where the clocks were kept to provide the exact time to the city and the ships in the harbour.At the end, visitors left their comments and signatures in the Institute Book and were given a reproduction of the first chart of the port of Genoa, printed for the occasion by the IIM in a limited amount of copies.