1 October 2020 14.00

ITS San Giusto’s capabilities of providing logistics support in both national and international contexts have been the focus of the meeting that has taken place onboard the amphibious ship of the Italian Navy, docked in Beirut’s port.

A delegation of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) - including Captain Haithan Dannaoui, Commander of Lebanese Naval Forces, and Commander Afif Ghaith, Head of Lebanese Navy Hydrographic Service - was welcomed onboard by captain Aniello Cuciniello, in coordination with the Italian Military Attaché, colonel Massimiliano Sforza.

The visit was an opportunity to show the peculiarities of the naval unit deployed to start the joint humanitarian "Cedar Emergency" operation that, in the span of a few days, over 1000 nm away, has been able to use a plurality of Defence assets.

The potential of ITS San Giusto aroused right away the interest of the Lebanese Navy, notably the floodable well deck allowing the ship to conduct amphibious activities, including landing troops and craft from and on the sea.

The very presence of the San Marco Marine Brigade aroused Captain Dannaoui’s curiosity and admiration, particularly for the operational capabilities and equipment of the Italian Navy landing forces.

The visit continued on the flight deck, which - on occasion of the humanitarian operation - accommodates an EH 101 helicopter of the Italian Navy detached from the Luni Sarzana 1st Helicopter Group. The delegation could also see the navigation bridge and the main platform systems of the amphibious ship.

In his address, the Commander of Lebanese Naval Forces expressed his gratitude to the Italian contingent for its humanitarian commitment in Lebanon and particularly to the Italian Navy, which deployed ITS San Giusto to provide logistics support to the personnel operating in the field hospital set up in Beirut after the 4 August tragic explosion.