The Italian Navy Divers Group (Gruppo Operativo Subacquei – GOS ) is part of the Italian Navy La Spezia-based Divers and Raiders Command (COMSUBIN).

Subordinate units to the GOS are the seven EOD Diving Teams (Nuclei SDAI) located throughout Italy near the main civilian and military seaports.

GOS main duties include:

-Distressed Submarine search and rescue, consisting in rescue diver intervention  to remove the crew from the submarine, and  provide assistance and medical treatment. Operational assets include saturation deep diving capability, which allows Italian Navy Divers to work and remain at depth pressure for the entire period of their required task, even for prolonged periods of days or weeks, ;

-Disposal of unexploded ordnance. Italian Navy Divers are qualified as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) operators. They can perform operations including mine clearance/mine disposal,  securing and use of Low Order techniques to neutralize all kinds of conventional or improvised ordnance, across the wide spectrum of operations in the maritime domain, including underwater.

-Performing a variety of diving activities and operations worldwide, including explosive demolitions in underwater environment, salvage, specialist support to military and civilians agencies, shallow and deep diving with different techniques and using all the range of self-contained or surface-supplied underwater breathing apparatus.

The Italian Navy Divers' operational performances are well-known in the national and international diving community.

Their history started in 1849 and their operational experiences   are unique. Their constant training activities range from shallow water to under-ice cold water diving. They are also paratrooper qualified.

Both males and females are eligible to become Navy Divers. Italian Navy personnel qualify as Divers after successfully completing a one-year course.