Patrol Vessels (PG)

Classe Cassiopea o Costellazioni

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The Cassiopea (or "Costellazioni") Class Patrol Vessels – financed by the Ministry of infrastructure and transport and operated by the Italian Navy – are able to operate autonomously and to cooperate with other air or naval assets in order to provide, within the Exclusive Economic Zone:

  • protection of the national economic interests;
  • protection of offshore platforms and units for prospecting/exploitation of the sea floor;
  • monitoring and surveillance of fishing activities, both in terms of charging and documenting violations of the law, and protecting the rights of national fishing vessels in case of disputes arisen with foreign authorities;
  • maritime surveillance and enforcement of regulations for the protection of the marine environment;
  • conduct of SAR operations, for the protection of human life at sea;
  • first aid interventions (providing both medical care and technical assistance), in case of fire, explosion or damage onboard ships or offshore platforms. These ships have specific anti-pollution capabilities, including a rescue boat called "seppietta" ("little cuttlefish"), to intervene in cases of emergency at sea.

All ships - with hangar and flight deck - and may embark an AB-212 helicopter, a key asset enabling to extend the range of intervention.

On account of these features, these units may serve as complementary assets in the performance of tasks usually accomplished by the Italian Navy corvettes.