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Classe Comandanti

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These New Minor Combatant Ships (Nuove Unità Minori Combattenti, NUMC) bear the names of destroyer Commanders who were awarded the gold medal for military value for heroic actions in WW2 (Lieutenant Commander Giuseppe Cigala Fulgosi, Lieutenant Commander Costantino Borsini, Lieutenant Commander Ener Bettica, and Commander Adriano Foscari). The optimised design of the bottom ensures enhanced seakeeping and hull resistance. The first three vessels have high-tensile steel hull and superstructures, while the fourth unit's superstructures are constructed with composite material. The unique design of the hull, superstructures and mast has reduced thermal and electromagnetic signatures, and the stealth features enable these units to be deployed in a wide variety of missions, including patrolling, surveillance, monitoring and control of shipping and illegal immigration.

Moreover, technological innovations related to security, survival and maintenance of operational capabilities provide a high level of redundancy in terms of compartmentation and fire protection.

ITS Comandante Foscari is the latest of the “Nuove Unità Minori Combattenti” (New Smaller Combatant Ships), of the Comandanti Class delivered to the Italian Navy.

As part of her international cooperation activity, the unit has participated in many international exercises: Garbin 2005, Adrion 2007 and 2008, Hermes 2008, Medex 2009, Phoenix Express 2010, Canale 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012, Aman 11, 2011; and Oasis 2012 and 2013;

And in many national and international: operations: “Enduring Freedom,” 2006; Impartial Behaviour”, 2008/09.

Since 2005 ITS Comandante Foscari has constantly been engaged in Fisheries Patrol service and Management of Migration flows in the Straits of Sicily. Since November 2013 the unit has been deployed for the humanitarian Operation Mare Nostrum, actively engaged in SaR activities to rescue boats full migrants sailed from the African coasts.

Last January 28, 2014, in Augusta (Siracusa) high seas patrol boat Comandante Foscari completed a number of trials on the so called Green Diesel bio-fuel, thus becoming the flag ship of the so called Italian Navy “Green Fleet.”