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On 15 September 2004, at the Fincantieri Shipyards in Muggiano (La Spezia), the conjunction of the bow section to the hull module of the ship marked the end of the laying down phase of the new flagship of the Italian Navy, begun with the steel-cutting ceremony, on 17 July 2001. The ship was delivered to the Italian Navy on 20 July 2004, at the Fincantieri Shipyards in Riva Trigoso (province of Genoa).

The Italian Naval Fleet's flagship is a maritime platform able to be employed for the conduct of joint international maritime operations. The flight deck has 6 spots enabling simultaneous operations, and 8 parking spots. The hangar (134x21m) offers space for 12 helicopters or 8 AV-8B Plus/JFS, and can also accommodate wheeled and tracked land vehicles. Two RO-RO ramps enable movements of vehicles from/to the quayside, with a maximum 60 t load, corresponding to the weight of an Ariete tank. Typical air wing is a mix of last generation helicopters (EH101), and SH90A, AB212 helicopters, and AV-8B Harrier II Plus STOL aircraft (in the future, these will be replaced with 5th generation F35B Lightning II multirole fighters).

The unit features high Command and Control capabilities (joint and combined) as well as combat systems for anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare within a range of 350 km.