Amphibious Ship Class San Giusto (LPD)   

Classe San Giorgio

Coragio no manca co’ semo nel giusto
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San Giusto is the first and only San Giusto-class ship and a modernized version of the San Giorgio-class.

It is headquartered at the Brindisi Naval base and is under the authority of COMDINAV TRE.

According to the NATO designations, it is classified LPD (Landing Platform Dock), an amphibious ship equipped with a floodable dock specialized to land amphibious assault  troops in power projection operations from the sea. The configuration of men and transportable vehicles varies according to the type of mission and by way of example.

The following capabilities are shown below:  an assault company of the Navy San Marco Brigade (330 men with the relative war and logistic equipment); up to 34 light armored vehicles for infantry transport (VCC-1 and / or LVTP-7); 3 motor rafts for beach assault (MEN) capable of loading into the dock and beaching 2 armored vehicles one at a time, 3 fast assault motorboats with hydrojet propulsion (MDN), 170 ton of special fire equipment and finally 3 EH 101 helicopters on the flight deck equipped both for fire support to an amphibious operation and for heli-landing actions. 

These high transport capacities also make the unit very versatile for humanitarian assistance operations, civil protection, intervention in case of natural disasters in which it has been repeatedly used. In particular, the ship can be easily adapted for tasks such as:

  • health care (medical and logistical) following disaster relief;

  • transport of special vehicles;

  • evacuation of civilian population by sea and by helicopter.

The wide spaces and accommodation capacities also allow it to be used as a training ship for the Naval Academy Cadets or for the Petty Officers Schools. For this purpose, it has been equipped with ad-hoc didactic and specialist equipment.

In addition, an integrated Command, Control and Communication system, also including satellite communication and computer network for the distribution of information make San Giusto suitable as a Command headquarters for naval and/or amphibious operations conducted by multinational and inter-force staff.