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ITS Scirocco’s homeport is La Spezia, within the Second Naval Group.

ITS Scirocco features a multinational mission and, on several occasions, participated in NATO operations in the Mediterranean:
1986 – 199, NAVOCFORMED;
1987, in the Persian Gulf after the Iran – Iraq war;
1992 and 1993 in Eastern Europe during the embargo on the former Yugoslavia;
1994, in Somalia (Operation Somalia 2), 1996 (IFOR Decisive Enhancement), and 1997-1998 (Determined Guard);
1997, 1998, 2002 and 2005, STANAVFORMED;
2002 and 2005, in Operation Active Endeavour, holding a record for escorting non-military ships travelling through the Strait of Gibraltar for Operation STROG.
2004, for EUROMARFOR, Operation Resolute Behaviour (in support of Enduring Freedom) in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea;
2008 and 2009, in UNIFIL ONU mission during the Lebanon crisis;
2010, NATO ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR (Mediterranean Sea) and OCEAN SHIELD operations (in the Indian Ocean and the Horn of Africa);
2012, UE anti-piracy Operation “ATALANTA” sailing over 31,000 miles;

Since 2013 the Unit is part of the air and sea fleet deployed on Operation “Mare Nostrum” to rescue would-be migrants the Mediterranean Sea.