Vice Admiral Valter Girardelli
Admiral Valter Girardelli was born in Rovereto (Trento, Italy) on 22 July 1955. In 1974 he graduated from high school and joined the Naval Academy, from which he graduated in 1978 as Ensign.

As a Lieutenant, he was appointed Commanding Officer of the "BRENTA" auxiliary class, "ITS BASENTO" (1985/86).

On 1 January, 1987, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

At sea, his main assignments included:

  • Operations Information and Electronic Warfare Officer aboard frigate Lupo (1978/80);
  • Operations Information Officer aboard destroyer Ardito (1982/83) and  cruiser Andrea Doria (1983/85);
  • Chief Operations service aboard destroyers Audace (1986/87) and Ardito (1990/91).

Ashore he served as:

  • Instructor, Midshipmen Class, Regular Course Naval Academy (1980/81);
  • Commanding Officer, Regular Course Naval Academy (1987/89);
  • Chief of IT Navy Outfitting and New Constructions- La Spezia (1990/91
  • Chief Naval Air Training Section- Operations Division, Operational Command IT Fleet.

After being promoted to Commander (CDR) on 31 December 1990, he was appointed Commanding Officer of the "MAESTRALE" frigate class, "ITS SCIROCCO", participating in the Persian Gulf Naval Campaign and completing a four-month circumnavigation of Africa in 1995.

In September 1995, he became the Commandant of Midshipmen of the IT Naval Academy. Concurrently, he also chaired the Navy Sailing  Section in Leghorn and the Organizing Committee of the Naval Academy and City of Leghorn Sailing Trophy.

In July 1998, he was promoted to Captain and later that year he was assigned to the Navy Staff as the Head of the General Financial and Force Planning Office.

In September 2000 he assumed the Command of  Aircraft Carrier "ITS GARIBALDI".

In July 2002, he was assigned to the Defence Staff as Head of the Financial Planning Office.

In January 2004, he was promoted to Rear Admiral (lower half) and appointed Deputy Head of the General Defence Office for Financial Planning and Scheduling.

In November 2006, he was assigned to the Navy Staff as Head of the Financial Planning and Scheduling Office.

In January 2008, he was promoted Rear Admiral (upper half) and appointed Head of the General Defence Office for Financial Planning, Scheduling and Budget Office.

In January 2013, he was promoted Vice Admiral and on 16th of September 2013 he was appointed Deputy of Secretary General of Defense/Deputy National Armaments Director.

In March 2015 he became Chief of Cabinet of the Italian Minister of Defense.

Starting from 22th June 2016 he is Chief of the Italian Navy.

Admiral Girardelli lives in Rome and is married with Mrs. Giuliana.



  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
  • Mauritian Medal of merit for 50 years of Military Service
  • Gold Medal of Merit of the Italian Red Cross
  • Gold Cross with Star for Service Seniority (40 years)
  • Third Degree Medal of Honour for Extended Navigation (10 years)
  • Silver Medal of Merit for Length of Command (15 years)
  • Commemorative Medal of Military Service for Peace - Multination Force in Lebanon
  • Grand Officer with Swords Pro Merito Melitensi of the Sovereign Order of Malta
  • Knight Commander of the French National Merit
  • Badge of Honour for Service at the Cabinet Office
  • Merit Ribbon for service in the Defence Staff


Qualifications and professional courses

  • "Sword of Honour" award to have been ranked first for merit for four  consecutive years during the attendance of the IT Naval Academy (1974/78)
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare and Combat Information Officer qualification (1978)
  • Electronic Warfare qualification (1978) 
  • Automatic Systems of Combat Operations' Conduct qualification (1979)
  • Advanced Staff Course (1980)
  • Telecommunications, Electronics and Combat Information specialization (1981)
  • Naval Command School- 147th session (1985)
  • Telecommunications and Electronics advanced specialization (1994)
  • Institute of Higher Defense Studies at the Centre for Higher Defense Studies (2001/02)
  • Master's degree with honour in International and Diplomatic Sciences
  • Bachelor's degree with honour in Nautical and Marine Sciences