The ongoing reorganization process of the Italian Navy provides for the creation of the San Marco Marine Brigade, necessary to optimize and rationalize the military instrument. The new Brigade’s protection responsibilities include: power projection capability from the sea, support to vessels in the Maritime Interdiction and Anti-piracy operations , as well as Defense of Naval Bases and Installations throughout Italy. This Elite Force headed by an Admiral consists of a Brigade Command, three Regiments, the Command Support Battalion, Amphibious Special Forces, and the Brigade Headquarters:

• The Brigade Command provides the Admiral Commander with all the support required to plan and carry out the operations in terms of Power Projection Capability from the sea. His staff includes Officers, Warrant Officers and Soldiers of the Italian Army.

• The First San Marco Regiment , heir of the landing infantry, preserves the most glorious traditions, legacy of the San Marco marines. It is the custodian of the Battle Flag of the old San Marco Battalion, as well as the “Colonnella” Flag of the Italian Infantry, assigned to the San Marco Battalion in 1992, in recognition of its meritorious service. These Combat Teams perform amphibious landings. The First Regiment includes the Grado Assault Battalion and the Combat Support Battalion, which provides heavy assets and fulfills the anti-aircraft, anti-tank and self-defense roles. The last component of the First Regiment is the Combat Service Support Battalion, a logistic team which provides “in the forefront” all the assets required to carry on the action.

• To address the challenges posed by the modern maritime scenarios, the Second San Marco Regiment is designed to guarantee freedom of navigation and prevent piracy activities in all the seas of the world. It provides Boarding Teams, tasked to inspect merchant vessels, and Vessel Protection Detachments embarked on the Italian-flagged merchant vessels to protect them during navigation.

• The Third Regiment fulfills two main roles: training of the Marines and protection of bases and installations. Every year, more than 1,000 Marines, belonging to the four Italian Armed Forces, undergo a very demanding training in the Caorle Training Battalion. The old “Installations Defense Service” is now included in the three Base Protection Battalions (North, Center and South). The Official Representative Service Team and the National Emergency Team, employed in Disaster Relief operations on the Italian territory, complete the Third Regiment.

• The Command Support Battalion is responsible for all the assets managed by the Admiral Commander: the Scout/Underwater Demolition Team is charged with the forward operations before the landing, the C4 Team is responsible for the management of the telecommunication networks, the Technical Support Team provides first technical intervention to electronic, optoelectronic equipments, and armaments in the operation area.

• The Amphibious Special Forces are responsible for the management and organization of the ship to shore operations for men and vehicles.

• Based in Brindisi, the Brigade Headquarters manage the Italian facilities where the naval riflemen are trained.