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Pelosi (S522)
Sauro Class III Series
In silentio et spe
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Conceived in the 1980s as assets to be mainly deployed to counter underwater threats posed by the Soviet bloc, the Sauro Class conventional submarines have undergone significant improvements and technical upgrades in the course of their life, in order to adjust to the operational requirements of the new millennium. In the late 1990s, the combat system was completely updated with the installation of integrated STN Atlas ISUS 90-20 sonar system and IRCS with satellite capacity.

Units can conduct operations of covert surveillance (control and defence of particular sea areas), localization, shadowing and attack on submarines and surface ships, support to special operations, intelligence collection.

The hull in HY80 steel is over 40 metres long, and has a maximum diameter of 7 metres. The steering control system offers excellent manoeuvrability with just one single operator.

Main operations:

  • Covert surveillance operations;
  • Control and defense of strategic sea areas;
  • Localization, shadowing, attack on submarines and surface ships;
  • Support to special operations;
  • Intelligence gathering..