In an increasingly complex and fast-changing world in which equipment and systems are evolving day by day, high-profile figures, experts and specialists are required to operate state-of-the-art vessels.

In this context, the Italian Navy pays its utmost attention to highly motivated young people who, after a demanding and qualifying training period, are able to perform diversified tasks as managers, officers, cadres or operators, and to serve their Country and the International Community for missions whose operational theatre is the whole earth.

Italian Navy personnel include: Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Enlisted personnel.

In the early 2000s the Italian Armed Forces phased out their conscription personnel and in 2005 the Italian Parliament passed a bill which introduced an All-Volunteer Force (AVF).

The opening to female volunteers was made possible by a 1999 law, which provided for the recruiting of Italian female citizens in our Armed Forces.

Women are allowed to serve in all branches, corps and ranks. In the Italian Navy, due to logistic conditions, female personnel are not employed on board submarines and in Special Forces. The existing ships and shore facilities have undergone major refits to accommodate women.