The professionalization of the armed forces is instrumental in responding to the changing modern-day scenarios. Also the Italian Navy has undergone a modernization process which has led to the creation of a more efficient and flexible military instrument. The newly-designed ships require ad hoc skills and the Italian Navy Non-Commissioned Officers play a key role performing highly specialized tasks, not only aboard, but also in the technical and logistic support facilities ashore.

Besides, the new cutting-edge ships have been built to be operated by a reduced number of personnel, consequently every crew member should be able to perform a larger number of tasks which, until a few years ago, were assigned exclusively to service members of higher ranks.

Non-Commissioned Officers are divided into:

  • Petty Officers
  • Sergeants

NCOs are trained at the Taranto and La Maddalena based establishments. In the last decade, NCOs training programs have become tailor-made, more comprehensive and versatile to enable personnel to operate aboard the new highly technological ships.