More than any other means of transport, the sailing ship is capable of tickling our collective imagination, conjuring up dreamlike fantasies of great navigators of the past, imagery of adventures, voyages, discoveries and trades.

Without fear of contradiction, we are talking about one of the finest sailing vessels in the world: the Amerigo Vespucci, the ‘Lady of the Sea’, still the Italian Navy training ship.

An icon of history, tradition and seamanship which are embodied by the masts and sails of this vessel, onboard of which the Italian Navy’s future officers traditionally experience their first protracted navigation, thus receiving their sea baptism.

The Vespucci has been a real ‘floating school’ for many generations of Sailors. Onboard this vessel, cadets have acquired knowledge and experience to sail the sea under any condition, learning the ancient seamanship techniques so much-needed even onboard the most modern ships.

Click on the following link, Amerigo Vespucci, to access to the ship Technical Data Sheet, and enter the enchanting world of the ‘Lady of the Seas’.

Welcome on board, fair winds and following seas.