The Italian Navy regularly organizes communication activities to promote our Armed Force among mainstream and young public, especially in the northern regions where our Navy is not present. Institutional exhibitions are a powerful communication tool where the Navy personnel is committed to provide comprehensive information to the general public with the support of visual media.

Our exhibits feature realistic reproductions of ships, submarines, aircraft and helicopters still in service, in scale models (1/100) displayed in locked cases. Among them it stands out the prestigious School Ship Vespucci (1/25 scale), jewel of the Italian Navy, several technologically advanced units and submarines, including the Cruiser aircraft carrier “Garibaldi,” “ITS Cavour,” “ITS Mimbelli;” the submarines “Sciré” and “Todaro” and others. Moreover, some of these seaworthy models  are placed in pools filled with moving water to give a realistic idea of sailing.

These remarkable exhibits are made all the more interesting by a number of backlit slides showing naval formations, special vehicles and life onboard the units.

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