The Italian Navy, together with the Italian Army, the Air  Force and the Carabinieri Corps, make up the Italian Republic Armed forces.

The Italian President is the Head of our Navy. According to our Constitution. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.  The Ministry of Defence, through the Defence General Staff, has the operational control of the Italian Navy. On the other hand Italian Navy General Staff commands the Naval Squadron, the Training Schools, and all the existing Commands and Institutions.

The Italian Navy is responsible for all naval operations in national and international waters, and it exerts its influence to prevent any threat to our territory, to our fellow citizens at home and abroad,  to  commercial shipping routes and to free institutions; it contributes to the protection of the Euro-Atlantic region together with the NATO, it responds to international crisis and it carries out specific tasks in case of an emergency, natural disasters or exceptional events.

The Italian Navy, strong of its traditions, aims at the professionalism of its personnel and it is ready to  invest in new technologies and means.