MARICENDRAG (Naval Mine Warfare Training and Evaluation Centre) provides courses dedicated to all personnel appointed/embarked on Mine Hunter vessels (MHC), training and MAREVAL certification for crew and ships.

The Safety Centre, located within the naval base of La Spezia, belonging to MARICENDRAG, provides basic courses in favor of other civilian organizations and Military Commands.

Our mission

As a Naval Mine Warfare Training and Evaluation Centre, our mission can be divided between National and International/NATO duties, listed as follow:


  • Provide a wide range of training courses to all the Naval Mine Warfare personnel, both on board of Mine Hunter vessels and within the Centre facilities.
  • Provide to all the Naval Mine Warfare assets the NATO Maritime Evaluation MAREVAL Certificate in order to allow them to take part to NATO missions.
  • Advisor to national Command.
  • National Naval Mine Warfare doctrine custodian.


  • Concur to the training of NATO Navies, and cooperate with EGUERMIN and MOST.
  • Provide high qualified trainers (SME – Subject Matter Expert) as part of the certification of NATO assets and Staff Command.
  • Advisor element in the Mediterranean area for the  NATO Centre of Excellence for Naval Mine Warfare
  • Contribute to the draft of NATO Naval Mine Warfare doctrine.
  • Take part/provide support to related competent items in NATO meeting


Naval Mine Warfare Training and Evaluation Centre 

Arsenale M.M.I.
Viale Amendola, 1 - 19100 LASPEZIA - ITALIA