In 1937, on the Island of S.Elena, at the extreme easterly side of Venice, a new compound was established to host the "Collegio Navale della Gioventù Italiana del Littorio", a school born with the aim of training future sailors of the Italian Royal Navy.

The college, after a period dedicated to the Petty Officers Courses (1946-1959), was eventually reconfigured in 1961 to become a Naval School, an institute specifically designed to attract those young students with a passion for the sea, and in order to prepare them for a possible related career. The Naval School was dedicated to the eminent figure of Admiral Francesco Morosini, one of the greatest officers and strategists of the Republic of Venice, who distinguished himself in the War of Candia (1645-1669), against the Ottoman Empire.

In 1997 the College became a military school, and, since 2001, the students status equates to the one of military personnel. Students at the “Morosini”, as the Naval School is generally called, complete the study cycle of the last three years of the scientific and the classical lyceum, with additional time dedicated to learn sea and navigation related subjects.

The students achieve an outstanding, pre-university level of preparation, which represent an excellent basis for future, successful careers, not necessarily in the military world. The learning process, fully up-to-date for topics and school equipment, along with a great amount of experiences that the students are exposed to during the three-year staying in Venice, are completed with an educational path aimed at emphasizing moral and ethical qualities of the cadets, as dignity and human solidarity. Access to the School is granted through a strict selection, which is open to all young students (boys and girls) who have completed the second year of their lyceums.

In addition to the subjects taught in other high schools, students at the “Morosini” are trained in activities like sailing, swimming, rowing (classical and venetian) and several different physical activities and sports, for which the school is thoroughly equipped, forming excellent athletes who participate with excellent results in competitions nation-wide.

Students, during the Summer break, have also the opportunity to visit military commands, exchange experiences with other military schools, but above all to sail at sea onboard Navy vessels, in order to gain a specific experience. All this will eventually contribute to help them in their choice for a future career path, inside or outside the Armed Forces.

Training responsibility is devolved to professional civilian and military personnel who guarantee the highest standards throughout the all learning process, with outstanding results certified by the state exams.

 The list of former students of the Morosini includes distinguished personalities of the military, political, industrial and civilian society. Among them, to mention the former Ministry of Defence, Giampaolo di Paola and the current Chief of Defence, Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli.