​The FREMM (European Multi-Mission Frigate) is a joint Italian/French program designed to develop a new generation frigate. The agreement provides for Italy to acquire ten multi-mission frigates (six in the General Purpose -GP- variant, capable of operating in a wide range of scenarios, and four more frigates designed with ASW - Anti Submarine - capability).
To meet the French operational requirements, the Marine Nationale Francaise needs to acquire eight vessels differentiated in ASW role and land attack role. According to the program, the construction of 18 ships is scheduled for both navies.
In line with the agreement between nations and companies, the contract relevant to  development, construction and entering into service phases, including the initial logistics support, was signed on November 16, 2005.
A separate contract providing for development, detailed engineering and construction of the first two Italian vessels, was signed on May 9, 2006. The first Italian FREMM, GP version, was delivered to the Italian Navy in 2012; and will be followed by four ASW units and other five GP units, that will be delivered at 12-months intervals.

Platform Features

​Full-load displacement​6,900 tons
​Length o.a.​144 m
​Full breadth​19.70 m
​Mean draft​7.6
​CODLAG Hybrid propulsion​1 General Electric-Avio LM 2500+G4 gas turbine rated
at 32 MW; reversible electric motors mounted on shafts
​Electric Equipment​4 DD/GG with motors rated at 2,1 MW
​Maneuvering Thruster​1 electric motor with bow retractile azimuth thruster
Advanced Platform Management System
​Top speed​27 kts.
​​Range​​6000 n. m. at 15 kts cruising speed
​Expected service life​30 years
​Crew​165 (GP version) 167 (ASW version)
​Endurance​45 days


Combat System
• 16-cell AAW SAAM IT defense system for ASTER 15 missiles; EMPAR passive phased-array multifunction radar
• 1x 127mm/64cal gun (installed on board GP vessels)
• Very short range AAW defense system (ILDS) based on two 76 SR OTOBREDA guns (one installed on board GP vessels); 2x AMS NA-25 DARDO-F multi-sensor ADTs (installed one to port and one to starboard)
• TESEO surface-to-surface missile system capable of launching ASW MILAS missiles
• 2 x SCLAR H OTOBREDA rocket launchers
• 2 x navigation radars
• Hull-mounted sonar fitted with mine detection system and underwater telephone
• Towed sonar
• Launching system for anti-torpedo defense countermeasures
• Detection and infrared tracking system (GALILEO SASS type)
• Command and Control system (CMS) based on the same system already developed for the Orizzonte Class
• Internal and external integrated communications system with military and civilian satellite capacities
• Electronic Warfare System (EWS)
• Two NH-90 helicopters or one NH-90 + one EH—101 helicopters provided with assisted handling system.