In case of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and so on, the Italian Navy can be mobilized to provide assistance to the affected population. The Civil Protection Department is entitled to ask the Italian Navy to make her assets available. When the eruption of Mount Stromboli, the helicopters where the first to go to the aid of the civil population, and to transport casualties.

Specifically, in case of earthquakes, the Divers and Raiders Team can make available a mobile hyperbaric chamber with technical and medical staff, a fundamental asset to treat traumatic compression and prevent amputations. The CISAM (Inter-forces Military Studies and Applications Center) operators achieved important results in the search and rescue of people trapped under rubble, thanks to a thermal camera able to pick up body heat.

The Landing Force Commando is able to deploy marines from San Marco Regiment and Carlotto Regiment to the affected areas, as well as logistic assets like mess tents to distribute meals to hundreds of people, or water and fuel tankers.