The Italian Navy carries out and supports institutional and civil activities on the basis of agreements and arrangements:

Here is a list of the main ones:

  1. Support to the actions taken by the Italian Civil Protection Agency by means of the following features of our naval units:
    • host and support logistics and operations through independent lines of communication, command and control, performed from headquarters onboard;
    • provide medical attention to populations in emergency situations with the personnel and equipment onboard (e.g. ITS Cavour during operation White Crane in Haiti);
    • evacuate population from maritime areas at risk;
    • ferry and deliver humanitarian aid, military units and/or civilian workers and equipment to support populations affected by natural disasters;
    • transport traumatized people with helicopters or naval units;
    • search and rescue at sea and on land with naval units and aircraft;
    • supply energy, drinkable water and hot meals to people in affected areas.
  2. Medical support by means of therapies in hyperbaric chambers at ITN bases where they are available, or with those onboard our units;
  3. Support to anti-pollution support surveillance in national Ecological Protection Zones to prevent marine environment from all kind of pollution (hydrocarbons, macro and micro plastics, etc.); specifically preemptive high seas patrol and anti-pollution interventions (especially by means of the ITN patrollers belonging to the Costellazioni 1st and 2nd series) in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Environment. These activities are carried out regularly by our naval units during routine operations of the Armed Force;
  4. Surveillance, in order to protect national interests, of the activities carried out at sea off the national Continental Platform, i.e. in the so called Exclusive Economic Zone, through routine patrol activities;
  5. Control and remove explosive remnants of war (ERW) with minehunters and the ITN Operational Divers Group (GOS);
  6. Support to research and protection of underwater archeological sites by means of our hydrographic units and minehunters;
  7. Support to monitoring and protection of marine plants and animals, by means of routine surveillance, with or without scientific staff onboard;
  8. Support to organization of scientific campaigns and hydrographic data collection carried out by national research institutions, by means of data sharing and the presence onboard of research teams and equipment;
  9. Deployment of naval units as promotion, symposia, or seminars locations, or any other event in favour of the civil society;
  10. Support to spreading the marine culture among young generations taking onboard sail school ships (mainly tall ship Vespucci and Palinuro, as well as smaller ITN sail boats) and organizing summer sail classes for young people.
  11. Support to development of specific rehabilitation therapies for young people embarked on smaller sail boats (specifically ITS Italia);

Moreover, although strictly institutional tasks, it is worth mentioning some activities of specific national interest daily performed by our Armed Force:

  1. Hydro-oceanographic campaigns to produce nautical charts, carried out by the Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute in Genoa;
  2. Creation, updating and printing of nautical documents for leisure and commercial navigation (the Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute is the national certification body for the maritime area);
  3. Water supply to the islands (by means of ITN water tankers);
  4. Surveillance and protection of national interests off-shore (e.g. oil plants, maritime areas of national interest);
  5. Management and maintenance of signaling necessary to coastal and port navigation (lighthouses and maritime signalings) throughout the Italian coasts.