Istituto Idrografico della Marina is the Italian Navy Hydrographic Office and is in charge of all the official nautical documentation published in Italy.

In order to produce updated and accurate charts, I.I.M. performs regular surveys of the Italian coasts and seas - over 550,000 square kilometres of sea waters and more than 7,800 kilometres of coastline – to collect data for nautical publications and charts, both paper and electronic. These products, together with nautical information data diffused nationally and internationally, represent the official documentation required for the safety of navigation by national and international standards

I.I.M. has always played an active role in the study and in the protection of the sea, from a scientific, technological and environmental point of view, through projects carried out with universities and research centres in Italy and abroad.


Training is crucial for I.I.M., which organizes specialization courses open to military and civilian students, in collaboration with the University of Genoa. All courses by I.I.M. are in compliance with the relevant national and international standards.