Training course in hydrography - Category B
A five month-long course, plus 7 weeks training at sea.
Category B hydrographers  can operate on board survey vessels for the collection and assessment of hydrographic and oceanographic data, in land survey teams for the collection of geodetic and topographic data or at the Istituto Idrografico della Marina for the validation and processing of the collected data to prepare nautical documentation.

Training course in hydro-oceanography
A five month-long course, plus 5 weeks training at sea.
This course is dedicated to petty officers, who are taught the theoretical and practical skills necessary to take part in the survey operations carried out by Istituto Idrografico and on board survey vessels.
After the course, the personnel will be able to work at the revision and validation of hydrographic and oceanographic data carried out at I.I.M. before input into the databases used to build and update nautical charts and documentation.

Magnetic compass adjusting
Held by I.I.M. Magnetism Department staff, the course is dedicated to officers, petty officers and civilian personnel, in order to provide them with the necessary skills to:

- adjust magnetic compasses on board military units;
- repair, adjust and replace instruments;
- install compasses on board vessels.